Finding the Right Fit

Mark Jepperson, Strategy1 Consultant and certified WSP Facilitator

Mark Jepperson, Strategy1 Consultant and certified WSP Facilitator

When businesses hire people they do so to solve a business problem.  At first both parties are excited - the candidate who landed the job and the company that added the help they need.

Then reality sets in, something isn't quite right.  Perhaps there is some discord or non-performance and either the person leaves or is let go, because it 'just didn't work out.'  The process is then repeated, what an expense!  

Typically people are hired for skills and are fired for fit.  Wouldn't it save money if you could hire for both skills and fit at the same time? Wouldn't it be nice if you could identify the candidates with a good fit with the required work before you hired? Strategy1 thinks so!

Today we know that the nature of work has changed and the old hierarchical structure of managers, supervisors, and workers no longer serves us. Today, each job has aspects of the old structure embedded in it.   


Strategy1 now offers work design, individual assessments, and personalized coaching through the McFletcher Corporation's WorkStyle Patterns Process®. This inventory is solidly based in work, is easy to understand, is not based in personality, and delivers the 'fit' of a candidate to a job or role designed.

Strategy1 excels at Business and Organizational level consulting and now offers Strategic Alignment at the individual level. Contact Strategy1 today to get your business strategically aligned for growth, sustainability and profit! 

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