Got A Plan?

John Dennis, President

John Dennis, President

Now that the Holidays are over, and you have settled back into your routine, it is time to ask the question: What will I do differently in 2013?

The recession seems to be ending and there are great expectations for this year, but we all know:  "If you keep doing the same thing, you will likely get the same result."

To know what to do differently, you must develop a plan.  Only when you have a plan will you know what you want to change and how to get there. The structure of any plan is very simple; it needs a beginning, actions to produce change, and defined results you wish to achieve. 

To begin, you must assess where you are today and define the changes you wish to make.  Then you must strategize the actions necessary to implement the plan. Once you have taken action, you must measure the results to know if you have achieved your goal. To make continued improvement planning must be an ongoing process, which means you will then need to start the cycle again: assess, strategize, implement and measure. 

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What should your plan address? It can be a simple plan to change one small thing, it can be a comprehensive strategic plan to strengthen major aspects of your business, or anything in between.  The one thing that any successful plan must have is a measurable change or result.

Note that planning is simply the fabric that stitches your business together: your people and the processes you use to run the organization.   Use these resources wisely and you will increase your profits! 

At Strategy1, we are taking our advice to heart and planning our own improvements for 2013.  We would be delighted to help you with yours!

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