Hire Slow, Fire Fast

What is your strategy for obtaining and retaining the best possible workforce? One approach is to hire slow, fire fast.  

As with many things in life, it pays to invest time upfront, ensuring that you have the right person for the job. Take a moment and consider how you acquired your most recent hires.

HIRE SLOW: Consider using the KASH box when hiring and appraising employees. 

Trust but verify. Make sure your prospective hire has completed the education and certification processes included in their application. A quick pop quiz can be useful.

A probationary period can determine if the new hire has the skills necessary for the job requirements. If not, then make sure they show promise in their ability to master the tasks at hand.


While we often hire for knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA), attitude makes the difference in making sure the new hire fits in with the rest of the company.  Ask around to see how they are interacting with other members of your team. Don't forget that your receptionist or administrative aide can have an interesting perspective on this topic.

How we approach tasks is related to our own personal habits. Arriving on time, keeping a tidy workspace, lending a hand when needed, stepping up when asked. It takes time and effort to change our habits if they are not serving us well. Are you getting the same complaints about the new hire?


Have you ever thought repeatedly, "If I give them one more chance I am sure they will get it right?" Or, have you moved an unsatisfactory employee to different departments or positions hoping they will do less damage there? Are you documenting the successes and failures of your employees? It is good to know when to let people go. 

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