Who's the Boss?

    John Dennis, President

  John Dennis, President

If you are the owner of your own business, you may say: "I work for myself." But do you??? While you may write yourself a paycheck, where does the money come from? The money comes the customers of your product or service, right?  But then, where does the money to pay employees of big companies come from?  It too, comes from their customers.

The next question is why do customers buy a product or service? Again, the quick answer is they buy a computer that is better and faster, a car that is newer and fancier, a haircut that is the latest style, or even an hour with a lawyer with a particular skill. However, this is only what they buy, not why they buy it.

The reason that people buy things is that they have a need, a want, or a problem to solve:

  • The better faster computer is needed to create better work results,
  • The new car is needed to get someone from point "A" to "B". (Well yes, the fancier part may come from the inner need to appear successful.),
  • The haircut is needed to look hip, and
  • The lawyer will solve the problem with the noisy neighbor.

The final step in this chain is to understand that there can be a difference between a "customer" and an "end user." If you are HP selling computers, or Ford selling cars, your customer is the dealer; the dealer's customer is the individual who buys the product to satisfy a need. If you are selling a service like haircuts or legal advice, you are often dealing directly with your end user.

In the end, it is important to remember that no matter what you do or whom you do it for, we all work to satisfy needs or solve problems for end users. It must provide a clear benefit to them and result in repeat business. Ultimately, they are the Boss!  So ask yourself - is your Boss happy with your performance?

If you are an employee for a company, non-profit or other organization, you can look at the name on your paycheck, and think it is pretty clear: you work for that organization. It is your job to carry out the task and responsibilities that you have been assigned to the best of your ability. This applies all the way up to the CEO of the largest corporations.

At Strategy1 we work directly with our clients to focus their efforts on becoming more successful with more satisfied end users. This may require building a better organization with better processes, better plans, better teams and better leadership.  Whatever the solution, we only work with people who want to become superior Leaders in their organization and in their life.

If this sounds like you, contact Strategy1 and we will be pleased to show you the way to improved results and happier end users.

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