Jeff Greinke has been a tax preparer for 20 years in Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona. He has worked with a broad range of small and mid-sized businesses in retail, insurance, culinary, entertainment, and construction industries as well as with athletic organizations and non-profits.

Jeff excels at small business start-ups, all aspects of payroll, tax preparation, financial reporting, cost accounting, and is a Quickbooks expert. He thrives on problem solving, and his down-to-earth easygoing personality helps put clients at ease in dealing with challenging and difficult financial situations. Jeff works with clients to develop up-to-date accounting systems tailored specifically to their needs. He enjoys helping clients to implement sound financial business practices that will foster growth and financial prosperity.

Jeff is also an internationally known composer and recording artist. He has released twenty-eight albums, managed two bands, owns a record label, and has written film and performance music. He is known for his melodic and lyrical ambient “soundscapes” and has toured as a solo artist and with his bands throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and China.